Monday, August 01, 2005


So my basement is still flooded (sort of) Coop is constipated, the house smells like Regis Philbin's feet, Griffin has a friend over, and we're having 25 people over tonight.
Should I rip out that sweet sweet brown, shag carpeting in the basement? (knowing that the padding is glued to an even nicer brown and gray tile floor)
spray a couple of cans of Lysol? (knowing that I'd just be masking the problem...and killing some "household bacteria")
play ball in the front yard with the boys?
-obviously, it's time to throw around the 'ol pigskin...
...or in this case, the foam thats been shaped to look like a football.
(have you ever heard a quarterback actually say, "hut one, hut two"?)

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