Monday, August 29, 2005

Built Ford Tough II

So my van breaks down and I ask the other football coaches if they know what's wrong. "It just made this thud noise...the power steering went out...and then the battery light came on." Doug, "no idea" Tree, "got the wrong guy" Josh, "I don't know anything about cars" Denny, "did you check under the hood to see if there was a dead squirrel?" Hos, "I have no idea what that could be...I'm having enough trouble with my car"
So I take it to Pep Boys, where I have yet to find even one employee with the least amount of Pep.
They call me the next day laughing.
That's never good...although, I guess they wouldn't be laughing if they were going to tell you that it's going to cost thousands of dollars. They'd probably laugh, calm down...and then call you.
So the guy tells me that they found a dead squirrel that got caught in a belt under the hood.
So, either Denny is: Psychic
a Prophet (do they prophesy about squirrels?)
or stuck a dead squirrel under my hood...

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