Wednesday, August 31, 2005


A friend of mine allegedly put together a video recently entitled "regret". Throughout the video (that I will one day steal, change 15 seconds of...and then claim as my own) he has different college students talk about their regrets from high school.

At first this seems like it could be kind of a downer (and he does top if off with a Coldplay you know it's deep) - but it's aimed at high school when I thought about that - it became a more empowering, uplifting, hope filled idea. I say idea...because I still haven't seen it....even though I keep sending him my address (124 Oakmont Rd. - State College, PA. 16801 if you're reading this Kevin)

The hope for someone watching this is the possibility of learning from others. I think there's real wisdom in this. The expression "you won't know until you try it" is a load of crap. "How do you have an opinion about've never tried it?" - So I should go out and try crack before I take my anti-crack stand??? Maybe I should start lapping up battery acid before I'm so quick to say that that would be dumb???
Anyhow, it got me thinking about my regrets...
-I regret not studying more...the Bible, my friends, my family, my health....I regret not looking into things more - the things that are, or should be, most important to me....why wouldn't I study them?
I regret about 4 things I say a day.
I regret about 400 things I should have said a day (Heb. 3:13 talks about this a bit)
I regret not loving more, serving more, listening more, caring more....and maybe that's as a result of not focusing (or studying...or thinking about) them more.
I regret watching most Adam Sandler movies.
I regret not praying more "Hey Sean, I've got the President on line fact, I've got the God of the Universe - the Fella who built all those mountains around State College - He also made those stars up there....He also made that ocean....anyhow, He'd love to talk to you" " about later? I'm watching Seinfeld"
I regret not water proofing my basement.
I regret not really knowing much about Victor Hugo (I hear he's quite the novelist)
I regret not taking more risks.

So I wonder if I can learn from my own mistakes??? I wonder if I have to look to others... and their regrets, to learn from them? It's sure not a bad way to go. There certainly is some wisdom in that.

Maybe I could do both?

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