Thursday, August 11, 2005

21 minutes with my feet on a sticky floor

My boy Wes in Africa...drinking a coke at dawn
(like he's going to go all the way to Africa for a Pepsi???) The movie was supposed to start at 9:30. We sat down at 9:29. At 9:30 the first preview came on....and then there was a second preview...and then a third...a fourth...and a fifth...eventually (at 9:51) our movie started. There were 21 minutes of previews. This has been true of the last few movies I've seen. It makes me want to show up 20 minutes late for my movie, but then I'm sitting in the front row on somebody's lap - and that's kind of awkward. I know a lot of people love previews...but how many movies have you gone to and said, "I'd already seen all the funny parts in the previews."? They're basically just ruining future movies for you...and delaying your current movie by 21 minutes. A typical half hour sitcom is 22 minutes long once you take out the commercials. So if people like previews so much - why don't they fill these half hour slots with 22 minutes of previews and a couple of commercials? (I might have something here...)
By the time a movie starts, I've ingested $13 worth of popcorn and diet coke. It always gets me thinking..."what better use of my time can there be for this 21 minutes?" Honestly, if I only wasted 21 minutes a day - I'd be doing pretty well. It's nothing for me to spend 20 minutes watching tv commercials in a typical day - or waiting in traffic - or staying in bed for another 20 minutes after I wake up because I don't have a morning meeting - or watching the World Series of Poker - or sitting in the waiting room at my doctor's office. It's funny how spending 20 minutes doing nothing is so much more natural for me than spending 20 minutes praying.
Now as far as spending time with God -The more consistently I do it - the more natural it becomes. It's like any relationship I suppose. It's silly to think that I'd spend 20 minutes watching previews of movies that I'll never see - but not spend time talking with the God of the Universe. Which one of these things will change my life in more significant ways? Hmmm...I wonder...
Sometimes my priorities get kind of messed up...but have you seen the new Chronicles of Narnia preview?

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