Saturday, August 06, 2005

Things change...

The salvation army used to be an outreach ministry...and now they're a thrift store that gives 20% off on anything with a blue tag on Wednesdays.
The Y.M.C.A. used to share the Gospel with people on their turf....and then realized that kids were attracted to they built one...and then they built a basketball court...and now they're a health club that costs $47 a month.
Sometimes I'll be driving somewhere and to pass the time I'll turn on the radio. Now keep in mind, I'm not in my car to listen to the radio - I'm in my car to get somewhere. But often a strange thing happens. I'll get to where I was going, and just sit in my car. I'll be so into whatever is on the radio that I'll forget about where I was going...and focus on the radio.
It's easier for me to get wrapped up in the little things that should be no more than distractions along the way...than to focus on the Way. I'm kind of stupid that way.

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