Sunday, August 21, 2005

the excellence is sports programming network

I was just watching a show on E.S.P.N. a few minutes ago, and a couple of things kind of stood out to me.

They were talking about Tiger Woods leaving a golf tournament after he was done. He was behind by 3 strokes, but if the guys in the lead had triple bogeyed, or had a bogey and a double bogey, or been struck by theory, Tiger could have played in the playoff. Actually, if they were struck by lightning, he would just win. Anyhow, what really stood out was how made these guys were at Tiger. He was playing a game. It was on national tv, it's one of the four largest tournaments in the world, it's worth a ton of cash....but it's a game.

I just can't imagine spending my life getting spittin mad at people because of how they play their games. This is what these guys do. They're lives revolve around games. I've seen guys come close to fighting over sports...not playing in them...but just talking about them. I'm from Ohio and when I moved to PA I bought a couple Penn State hats, t-shirts...things. I figure, "I'm in State College now, why not follow the local team." but because I also like the teams that I've followed for the pass 30+ years...people really get mad at me. They'll talk badly about OSU - for them it's important that I know that Penn State is better (unless you look at the wins, championships, overall see what I just did there?). I was even thinking of rooting for Penn State last year when they played Ohio State. I figured that either way it's not a bad thing. It's fun to pick a team and root for them....and I live here...why not?
Until Half-time of the OSU - PSU game
And then they came out. Every obnoxious Penn State fan had to come up and tell me how bad Penn State was beating my team (even though I was somewhere in the middle at the time) and they made me want to hate Penn State. They were so obnoxious that I just had to root for OSU (who ended up winning...again)
it's silly
These are 300 pound men wearing tight pants and throwing a ball around a big grassy field. I love sports...but to revolve your life around them. I know guys who could tell you the backup center for the Rams - but not who their Governor is...I have Christian friends that know far more about the National Football League than they do about the book that we believe to be the Word of God...that's kind of a big book for us Christians.

These guys on E.S.P.N. were actually spitting mad...I'm pretty sure I saw saliva fly...
And it was kind of sad.

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