Monday, August 22, 2005

doctor doctor (my early 80's reference for the day)

Sometimes I wonder if they teach a class at medical school, "Bad Penmanship" or "how to convince people that you're a doctor with a few quick strokes of your pen". What's the deal with their handwriting? I had one doctor tell me that it was because they're in such a hurry that they just scribble stuff out...but I've waited in enough waiting rooms to know that most doctors aren't in that big of a hurry. I've seen people write better when they're playing boggle and going against the clock.

I really think it's because they think doctors are supposed to have bad handwriting. They probably had ok handwriting in high school...maybe even in college. I think it's some sort of pride deal. "I'm too important to write like everybody else now...I'm a doctor after all." It's like the freshman football player that wears a certain pair of shoes because the varsity guys wear them.... they just think that that's how it's supposed to be????
The term doctor is also something that's kind of odd to me. If you're in a restaurant and someone has a heart attack, you'll hear, "is there a doctor in the house?" - when what they really mean is, "Is there someone with medical training here?" You really don't want the guy who has his Doctorate in Theology or Agriculture taking care of you at that point. They're doctors's just that you don't generally call them Doc or Bones (that's kind of an old school medical doctor reference) and they also don't have the deep need to show off their horrendous penmanship.

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