Thursday, December 16, 2010

White Death

Fist of all - I have no idea why that's not a rap name.

The second snow day of the week/year happened today.  Griff's response?  Nooooo!


He doesn't want to exceed the school's allowed snow days and have to eat into his summer break.
This is unprecedented on two levels:
1.  What kid doesn't love a snow day?
B.  Since when is Griff thinking long term over short term?

My theory is this falls into a fourth generation pessimist deal.  I'm trying to teach him that optimists live longer, happier lives.   I'm hoping that he see's beyond the simple arguments of the pessimists.  My goal is to one day yell at him, "Griff, you forgot to put your cup in the sink." and have him reply "what cup pop, the half full one?"

Of course an optimist would have assumed that Griff was thinking long term over instant gratification.  Is it too late for me?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Drought is Over!

The Phillies just signed Cliff Lee - and that's adorable.
The Red Sox just signed Carl Crawford - but who is really afraid of a sock?

Here's what the baseball community is talking about this morning. (and when I say "baseball community" I don't mean ESPN or those local fellas who wouldn't know an infield fly rule from a balk...I mean the real baseball people)

The Pittsburgh Pirates (maybe you remember the 1979 World Series of Baseball!?!?) just signed Mr. Lyle Overbay!

Yup.  You read it here first young people.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are now in possesion of a first baseman who hit 20 home runs last year.  Oh yeah...and that's not all.  He also just happened to hit .243 and stole a base.

He knows what he wants and he takes it.  He wanted to steal that base, and you know what?  He did it.

In 1979 Pittsburgh had Willie Stargell at the first base....but look out Willie, here comes Lyle!


Oh yeah, I said "we".  You should know that I'm a part of the Pirates organization and WE are family...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Note I received yesterday at 5:30...PM

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lakota Local Schools will be CLOSED on Monday, December 13 due to inclement weather. 

Apparently the inclement weather caused a school closing and an 11 hour delay of electronic mail...

but did you see yesterday's vid?