Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Matt. 5:46

Dear Blogger,

We FINALLY got our much anticipated envelope from the IRS!

And it was a letter...(sad opposite to the exclamation point)

I waited for fifteen minutes on hold - talked with a lady for five minute - name - address - place of employment in 2005, 2006 - date of birth - blood type - what color our sofa is - and then told her I was calling in reference to a letter they'd me her number as the place of assistance...

...and then she transferring me to another department - and another rockin' hold song - to get me to the tax law department - isn't the entire IRS the tax law department???

Was I talking to the tax suggestion department earlier?

Confused in Cincinnati

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's time...

The Murphy family has a storied history. I could spend hours telling you Parker, Cooper and Griffin stories.

In fact I have.

I could go on and on about my awesome wife. Don't get me started about the Murphys that I don't live with. It's a great bunch.

Oh sure, we've got our issues - but so do you! And stop judging us!

Today I'd like to talk about one particular member of the Murphy clan (can you still use that term without the negatives that go along with the word clan?). Today I'd like to officially retire Griffin's number 5 and hang it from the rafters of our home.

Oh sure, it'll take a while to build and install the rafters - that's just a detail.

You might say it's premature to hang a number in rafters that, as of now, do not exist.

I'm just saying that today "I'd like" to hang it from the rafters. I just can't...because we have no rafters. Keep in mind that Griffin is still using the number 5 and this is yet another reason I can't hang the number from the rafters.

Just think of the hassle of climbing a ladder each week to pull down his jersey for the big game. Who needs that? Oh sure, I could hang really low rafters...but I'm not sure that would really honor the number 5. Then it just turns into a really narrow counter that's awkwardly in the middle of the room.

No, I'm going to hang a high rafter. That's the way he'd want it...if he knew what a rafter was.

Someday.....oh yes....someday...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

play by play

Griff's first ever baseball game. Now before you chime in with your, "but Sean, you were unofficially given the award for best baseball coach in America last year for coaching Griffin's baseball team" - let me remind you - that was t-ball.
Back to the game. The Lightning (formerly the Lightning bolts) were in fine form this day.

Griffin was 4 for 4 with two hits making it into the outfield. On the defensive end he played outfield, the hot corner and catcher. Because of his catching duties, Griffin wore his first cup today as well.

you'll see the ball in G-Dawg's mitt

Rumor has it that the Lightning scored 16 runs, but who really knows?
On a side note, young Aidan Boyd came through as this reporter's Defensive Player of the game with his three outs, including a two out inning at the hot corner. (side note, there are rarely three outs in an inning) He also was 4 for 4 at the plate.

and just around the corner...

Friday, April 25, 2008

paper shufflin'

I had five hours of "paper work" yesterday. It was actually computer work...but you know the drill.

We write up our year long plans in April - they're soundly rejected in May - we re-write them and re-submit them at the end of May - some corrections and updates are requested - we re-write them and re-submit them in June - they're reviewed by bosses, bosses' bosses and eventually the big guy himself (John Popper - who knew?).

Here's where I have it nice. Yesterday I didn't have to type a single thing. I sat in an office with Susanna and we talked budget and plans, while she put it all together. She's an excel spread sheet ninja. It would take me 45 minutes to put together what she can put together in about 3.

It's nice having someone around that's really good at the things you're not so good at. We've tried to hire folks with that in mind. We don't need four incredibly articulate, good looking, former wrestling coaches that are amazing at knitting scarves. That'd be silly. One probably would cover it.

What we're looking for now is a new Peter. Pete worked in our department for a while and just moved to a new job doing what he loves. He was working with us because he liked what we were about, but it definitely wasn't his passion. Now he gets to explore just how passionate he actually is about video. I think it'll be a great fit. Sadly, we're down one Peter.

It's just not the same...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

what if?

What if someone read the Bible and believed it? I mean really believed it to the point where it changed their day, month, life?

I guess if you really believe it, it would have to change you on some level. I know people get mad at "Bible thumpers" "Holy Rollers" "Religious fanatics" and the Irish...but I'm not sure all of that is justifiable.

Sure there are hypocrits, I get that. That happens everywhere . Every political party is full of people who say one thing and do another. Every organization has values that they fall short on. Christianity is a bit different in that so much perceived value is placed on the followers of Jesus. Many of the arguments against the faith aren't about Him, they're about His imperfect followers.

Every group has it's problems. We label every group. Many Christians are hypocrites. Many political parties are selfish. I'm just not sure that's enough to discount what people say and just stand behind one party/cause/institution.

so back to the Bible thumpers... If they really believe in God, and believe that the Bible isn't the Bible, but it's the Holy Bible.... is it so crazy that if you believe this that you'd read it?

I'd think logically the opposite is true. If you believed this, you'd read it. It'd be crazy not to. Certainly you'd read it every chance you had. I'm not talking about showing up once a week somewhere where somebody up front reads a little bit of it and then talks about it. I think you'd want to read it all the time.
...If you really believed it was Holy.

That's a big if. I'm wondering if we just slowly get out of the habit, or never were told that this really is something you ought to look into, or if we defiantly take a stance that it's not going to get read?

Most things in life (for me) sort of happen gradually.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

hump day

dentist appointment today...jealous?

It starts with someone taking an ice pick to my gums followed by an exhortation to floss more...

I pay for the guilt. Actually Delta Dental pays for it, I just pay them to allow me to go get my mouth poked for free.

Should be fun...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the little things

My floor is wet. That's almost never good. We have two floors that have been periodically getting wet for a while now. One gets wet from a leaking roof and the other gets wet from a leaking toilet.

I've always hated the word toilet. I'm also not fond of the word entrepreneur or the phrase, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"

I've installed and fixed our toilet three times now. Each time it's water tight...for a while.

So the next time I "fix" it and reinstall it I should probably fix our fake Pergo floors.

Lately these little annoyances are driving me batty (yup, I said batty). They're like the paper cut that you can't stop focusing on. These are the silly little things that are actually really big things because they can distract you from real life...the stuff that matters.

I know this and yet I still let it get to me.

Don't even get me started on the lawn...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

branding our lives

" I want to live that radical life" - I keep reading it...and resonate with it...I just don't see a lot of it.

It's a revolution with very few revolutionaries. I know about five revolutionaries... People that have given their life to their cause.

I read about it a lot. I think it. I know people who talk about it. It's just in short supply these days.

We want thing to be better...sort of. Not enough to do anything...but wouldn't it be great if poor people weren't poor?

It'd be easy to just say - take that money from that rich woman and give it to that poor person and then the rich person will still have money...but so will the poor person.

It's easy to say because you don't have to get involved. You can feel better about it without really doing anything. You can believe the person who cares about the poor when you see their actions...consistent...weekly, probably even daily action.

Doing something involves stepping out of our comfort zones. Starting a revolution probably begins with some major life changes.

We make minor life changes and it feels major to us. We're a society that is our minor changes even seem major to others.

I'm just not sure they are.

Friday, April 18, 2008

baby and the bath water

It's been interesting working for the church for the past few years. I've noticed a few things that are different in this world than in most.

There are a ton of people working in churches that grew up in the church. I guess that sort of makes sense...

I think most people in my world tend to look at the things around them in light of their history.

Based on that history they make decisions to either continue along a certain path or go in a completely/or slightly different direction.

We see things we like and pursue them - we see things that we don't like and run from them....sometimes.

Once Christians mixed up faith with politics - things got ugly. Once Christians mixed up faith with music - things got ugly. Once we mixed up a certain kind of morality with God - things got ugly.

So instead of seeing what the truth is in the ugly situation - we often just run in the other direction.

There was some pretty cheesy Christian music out there - so now I have friends that refuse to listen to Christian music because "it's all crap". There were some conservative (politically) Christians that were letting their politics get in the way of their faith - so it became crap.

Christians talked about morality to the point of legalism...and the next thing you know we're ignoring the Scripture that talks about self control, purity, etc. (and there's plenty in there) because we don't want to get legalistic. We want to be relevant. We want to matter.

It was a bad decision to make faith about politics, music, morality or (fill in the blank with anything short of a relationship with God) and now we've reversed course and made it about not focusing on those other things...

I wonder how much of this is a conviction that that is what God is calling us to - and how much of it is that it's just a lot easier to try and fit in? or just kind of do whatever feels good at the moment?

I've thought a lot about this because I'm around a lot of Christians who grew up (on some level) in the church - and they have a lot of baggage. (we all do)

If you heard that being a Christian was about doing good stuff and not doing bad stuff....well that will quickly run dry. So you reverse course...and that doesn't really work either. But at least this way you're relevent....with whatever it is you're trying to do...

I'm still thinking this stuff's just on my mind now and I had a fifteen minute break.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I should fix what I wrote yesterday...
I don't actually read my blog. I should start there. I sit down, start typing and then add a picture (typically)

I don't think I explained myself very well yesterday.

Here's where I was going...

What we took to be mean spirited or offensive was largely offensive because of our belief systems about how the world works.

Here's a quick example: When I was really young I’d hear a parent or teacher say something to me that just sounded dumb. I probably wouldn’t use the word “jerk” but that’s sort of how I felt. Why the heck are we doing this? This is stupid? I definitely wouldn’t use the word offensive, but that’s what it was.

Later in life I had some mentors that said stuff that went against my basic world view.

Often I was wrong and they were right. I’m absolutely sure that they could have shared their info in better ways – I would never argue that you are allowed to be a jerk if you’re right – it’s just that often they were dead right and it just seemed so wrong to me that they came off as sort of jerky.

It was my poor view of the world and how life worked that made me think they were stupid/wrong/offensive/whatever.

Sometimes people come off as offensive because of what they're saying - not even how they're saying it.

If you believe that you're helping someone by giving them a computer, a ride or a sandwich - you'll get mad at the jerk counselor that suggests that (in some situations) you're enabling them.

For me - that was on me. It was my baggage most of the time.

Ultimately I just wanted to say I'm thankful for my parents, my mentors and my friends that have influenced me...even when I disagreed at the time.

that's all (video to follow)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I heard from the guy that I often refer to as "my mentor back in college" yesterday. He's one of the wisest people I know and I've only seen him two or three times since I've moved back to Cincinnati.

He was always a decade ahead of the rest of us. He'd say things that were offensive, wrong and just sort of mean spirited...and eventually we'd realize that he was pretty much always right. He mellowed over the years and started telling people, "you know, you can learn from a jerk" before he'd speak at events. That's kind of the thing - he had a bad reputation with people who didn't know him that well. If you just heard one of his crazy statements and didn't know the heart behind them...and never really followed up with him to see what he really'd think he was a jerk and just dismiss him.

A bunch of us didn't. We followed him and most of us had great success with what we were doing. He was right, after all...most of the time.

So we're going to have lunch when I get back from this conference.

I'll see an old friend/mentor at the conference. This guy was one of the top 2 or 3 speakers I'll ever know - and this is why.

When he spoke in Virginia at a camp I visited, I noticed that he had a sophomore in college taking notes for him. I asked him about it and he said, "that guy's brilliant". He was right - that college kid was brilliant...but this guy was too. In fact he was giving the same old speeches over and over again...and he was great at it...but he still was humble enough to ask this kid to evaluate him night after night.

That's probably why he's one of the best speakers I'll ever hear.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I love lists. Top ten running backs of all time (if you don't have Franco in there, it's not a real list)
All time great movies (my surprise? E.T.)
Top three Priest characters on tv? (Father Mulcahy gets the top nod)
Parts of the body you can box? (ears mostly)

At some point today I'll make a list, mental or otherwise, of the things I'll need for our five day voyage. Annie and I are headed to a conference tomorrow and at some point she'll want me to pack.

I'm working until around 10 and I usually like to come home and unwind with either a five mile run or sitting on the couch and watching House. I almost always do the one and never the other.

Tonight I'll come home and pack six shirts, six pairs of socks and unmentionables (and why is it a pair of underwear?) one pair of jeans (again with the pair?) one pair of non-jean pants, one hat, one computer, one note book, one pen, one pillow (why would you use the one at the hotel when you have that awesome one that you use every night?) one Bible (why would you use the one at the hotel when you have that awesome one that you use every night?) one jar of ibuprofen, and some deodorant, toothpaste and a toothbrush.

That ought to cover it.

List accomplished.

Thanks, this was helpful...

Monday, April 14, 2008


Scheduling conflicts.

That was the theme of my Sunday. I get together with a group of friends weekly - and last night we met together for the first time in six weeks.

We're not meeting next week. In fact once we figured out our next few months to really nail down our schedules - we realized that we couldn't meet in June or July...or August. One guy was going to India for two months and another to Texas for a month.

I'll be in Kansas (or is it Missourri?) for a week. Another guy is on a softball team and in a band.

Because us getting together isn't any of our top priorities, I imagine this will go on and on.

I don't think our conflict is really with our schedules. Our conflict is with our focus, our priorities and our dedication.

This isn't to say that our focus, priorities or dedication are off - I'm right there with the rest of the group. My family is certainly a bigger priority than the group getting together - I have other responsibilities - we all do.

It's just dissapointing when you'd love to do more, and there's energy with meeting with a group of people...but you just can't get it together.

I can't quite figure out how to get around this...

Friday, April 11, 2008

little sleepy

Griff decided to give strep another go round the other day. Crazy fever and sore throat - the whole shabang.

This time he put a new spin on it though. He decided to have an allergic reaction to his medicine. So we were off to the Children's Hospital. This visit was a bit different. We had to park a block away as though we were going to a Red's game and not shlepping a sick kid up a hill just to wait in line to see a doctor.

We were number 487. That's 4 HUNDRED and 87.

I've been to Children's before - I've never had more than 5 people in front of me.

It felt like we were at a Who concert. They have this huge contraption with video games and built in controllers in this waiting room...and I've never seen it work. It'd be like having a giant non working water fountain in a desert. I was cursing Kohl's - the sign indicated they were nice enough to buy this huge non-working video contraption for the hospital.

Two hours later they called us give our insurance information.

Every kid in the state of Ohio was in there. Kids who cut their finger on their baseball cards, kids who saw someone cough on tv, kids who wondered what a stethoscope sounded like...everyone was there.

Three hours later we saw a doctor.

Long story much shorter than the visit - Griff has a new antibiotic that we're praying he isn't allergic to...

And now he has a new all time record for how late he's stayed up.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

restaurant quality blog

I was watching a cooking segment on some show and they said, "you can have restaurant quality food right at home in just a few minutes" and I was confused.

Restaurant quality food?
First of all, what restaurant are we talking about? If you think I can replicate the chicken deliciousness of a Chipotle right in the convenience of my own home....well you've got another thing coming mister. And don't think I haven't tried. If I could make chicken like that, I'd never leave the house.

What sort of threw me is I've always thought it a bit odd when I'd see a sign at a restaurant that said, "Homemade ________" I've even seen it on menu's at chain restaurants.

Isn't the definition of homemade - that it's made in a home? Often we'll buy food that was made in a restaurant and we'll straight up let people know - that was restaurant made pizza. Even if it was restaurant quality pizza, we're not going to perpetuate any lie or rationalize our little exaggeration by saying it's restaurant made.

So back to the restaurant quality vs. homemade issue.

Which is better? Should I get excited if it's restaurant quality or homemade? I just need to know...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

workin' man

Went in at 7:45 AM and came home at 10 PM.

After 14+ hours of work I can say that it was a good day.

Beginning of my day was not great - middle was worse - late was ok - late late was a reminder that I get to do some pretty cool work with some great people.

Tomorrow is one 8 hour meeting. I'm guessing I'll need another reminder at some point...

Monday, April 07, 2008


mac or pc?
Democrat or Republican?
Football or Futball?
Pencil or Pen?
Comedy or Drama?
Designated Hitter or something not stupid?
Man or Wild?
Laptop or desktop?
Dances with the Stars of UFC?
Spring or Fall?
Fiction or Biography?
Cable or Satellite?
Carpet or hardwood?
Baseball or football?
The Office or 10 Items or Less?
Sci-fi or dating?
Clowns or Mimes?
Singing or Dancing?
Ocean or Pool?
Candles or Lamps?
Poetry or Jazz?
Slater or Screech?
Mylar or Rubber? (balloons)
Stick or automatic?
Book or movie?
Music or Talk?
Wind or Rain?
Cards or Board games?
Jerry or Kramer?
Jetsons or Flintstones?
Funny or passionate?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

going pro

I have some friends that will vote for Hillary that really do care for the poor. I have some friends that will vote for Barrack that are concerned about people that are different than them. I have some friends that will vote for McCain that care about the elderly.

I know some jerks that will always vote for the democrat.
I know some idiots that will always vote for the republican.
I know some crazy kids that love voting for whoever isn't really running for a real office (Ralph Nadar anyone?)

Dumb people vote on both sides of the aisle.
People who care about others and demonstrate that care with weekly and even daily action will vote for both candidates.

We all disagree on a few issues - and that's ok.

There's a guy that I've followed a bit through his books who is fond of saying, "I'm not against anything, I'm just for Jesus"

I kind of think that's a decent way of looking at things.

If Jesus isn't your thing, maybe you could translate that to, "I'm not against _________ I'm just for ________"

As a follower of Jesus, I'm told that "whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."

That might be a better way to go. I'm sick of getting caught up in the anti everything. It's too easy to get mad. It releases some adrenaline and feels good at first...and then it just eats at me.

Being anti everything is easy. It's easy to sit back and take pot shots. It's like going for the obvious joke that everybody is thinking of, but not saying...because it's too obvious.

I'd rather spend my future focus on the things that are lovely.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

weatherin' the cold

So spring has sprung?

It's 31 degrees out right now, but I'm told by my friends at that it actually feels like 26 degrees. I wonder how they know that?

I'd like for that to be my job. Hey Sean, we're going to get out our Doppler radar and fancy computer stuff to see what the exact temperature, humidity and possibilities are for a storm...can you stick your head out the window and let us know what it feels like? Yup, feels about like 26 degrees. Thanks.

I was recently offered gainful employment in a city that I'm told is hovering somewhere between 50 & 60 degrees right now. They also offered me a 30% raise. And a free t-shirt. I ended up saying no.

Before you start judging me, you should know that I have an ace in the hole waiting for me any day now. I received an e-mail about two weeks ago from a prince overseas. He's going to wire 2.5 million dollars to the bank account number I gave him and all I had to do was send him some of my info. Turns out I'm helping him because he doesn't have anybody to inherit the money and it's gotta go somewhere.

So who's the idiot now?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

3's a charm

Pennsylvania gave us the Constitution, religious refuge to the Quakers, five Super Bowl victories and then peaked in 2005 with the birth of Cooper Thomas Edward Murphy.

Happy Birthday Coop!