Wednesday, January 26, 2011

O 2.0?

I've checked Wikipedia, CNBC, US Weekly, and every other credible news source and I still have no idea how we elect the next Oprah.

Time is running short and if we're left Oprah-less just because nobody had the foresight to think this through, I'm going to chain myself to a tree and sing the "I'd like to buy the world a coke" song indefinitely.

If it's an election, an ordination or coronation...I don't care.  We just need to get moving.

Who is going to tell us what to read, who to vote for and what teenage hookers that go to college are thinking?
You?  Are you going to do that?
didn't think so...

A couple of quick nominees:
Mr. Mark Lemke...obviously.  Who wouldn't want a plucky ex-2nd baseman as their next Oprah?

Liu Xiaobo - who better to replace Oprah than our reigning Nobel Peace Prize winner?
Who am I kidding?  Are you really going to read a book that was in the Liu book club?  Forget I said anything...

Here's what I'm thinking - you get Gayle and who really is responsible for Gayle's success/decisions/income/connections/air supply?  If you answered "Oprah" you get one point.

With Gayle you get the GENIUS behind the curtain.  What better successor for Oprah than Oprah?

Somebody just solved the Oprah crisis...

You're welcome

Monday, January 24, 2011


You know it's nearing the end of December because the Steeler's are getting ready for the Super Bowl (again...)

Their pass defense isn't so great, and they're playing possibly the best quarterback in the world.  In the interest of full disclosure, I have a football team that only plays in a fantasy world and Aaron is my quarterback. 

Had a camera shoved up my nose and down my throat the other day.  Not as fun as you'd think.
Didn't have anything down there of major concern.  More fun than you'd think.

Good news - Griffin lost another baby tooth.
Not great Fairy news - apparently she's sick and her replacement forgot to stop by last night (thanks Rock)

The snow has been falling, but we haven't had that great packing sledding/snow ball snow yet.

Ultimately how can we worry about the quality of snow when there are fairies out there struggling with what I can only imagine is an awful care of the gout?

Friday, January 14, 2011


Stressful meetings - deadlines - changed plans - losing the playoffs

As an undefeated coach who will most likely get inducted into the basketball hall of fame based on my teaching of the motion offence to fourth grader - it probably seems like I'd have no stress.
I was eating with a guy early this week and he said, "I just like to ask God what He's up to whenever I head into something I can't handle on my own".

I liked that.  When things get overwhelming, he just steps back to see what God might teach him.  I do something a little different.  I tend to over analyse and tune out everything that isn't a problem.  All I see are the potential issues future problems.

He uses it as an opportunity to lean into what God might be using to shape him.

I go in with stress - he goes in with a peace that transcends understanding.

I like his way better...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Paying it Power Forward

For some reason this was skipped in the Sunday papers, so let me get you up to date.
The Hurricanes basketball team is indeed undefeated.

I am, once again, the coach of these defeatless Hurricanes.  I've decided to drop some of my extensive basketball knowledge on these fourth grades.  Your welcome youth.

Griff made the starting lineup and outscored the other team (6-5). 

We had a strong defensive game and really crashed the boards (that's a thing, right?) so I'm predicting big things to come.

We'll win league, that's just a time waster.
After we win the city tournament though, I imagine we'll run into some solid competition at States.  It's the National tournament that we're really looking at though.  I'm not sure if they'll automatically put us in the championship game or make us go along with the charade of the first few rounds.
Either way, you can mark my words...although, they're right her in the they're kind of already marked...2011 National Champions - The West Chester Hurricanes.

You probably didn't even hear it here first - I'll bet the words already out...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

While I was away

There have been enough people asking where I've been (you can shut down the "I'll punch a baby seal in the throat if Sean doesn't bring back his weblog" Facebook page now)

So I figured I'd let you know why I haven't been posting on the 'ol weblog.
I've been:

Giving to the poor
working out
tuturing orphans
giving blood
apologizing to people for the United States involvement in Vietnam
rescuing stay dogs
rescuing dogs that still have homes (often neglected for the rescue efforts)
curing cancer
mentoring Michael Stipe
memorizing all of Tolstoy's work
constructing an ark and hoping to fill it with clowns that I can send somewhere
I'm kind of a big deal...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I'm Rich!!

I just received the following electronic mail:
(highlights are mine)

Dear Sean,

I am J R Lomax of HSBC, A Member of the Group Audit Committee.

A transfer of $24.5 million was deposited by one of our late customer, Alfred Murphy.Who died without declaring any next of kin before his death in 2003.

Against this backdrop, my suggestion to you is to stand as the next of kin to him, since you bear the same Last Name. So you will be able to receive this funds to your own nominated account.

Please this transaction must be kept CONFIDENTIAL,we shall share in the ratio of 50/50.


JR Lomax(Ms)

That's right people.  I'm going to be living like the Huxtables.
All I had to do was send some basic information to JR to get the ball rolling.
And soon I'll be rolling in the great is 2011???!!!!?!?!?!