Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pedantic prose

I used to think it was annoying when I heard babies cry at church or in movie fact I still's just that I think it's cute when it's my kid. In a sense, I'm above the law.
It drives me nuts when I hear about people gossiping about me. In fact, it bugs me so much that I'll tell anybody who will listen about those people gossiping about me. It bugs me when people cleverly slip things into conversation - for instance, "hey, that's a nice shirt Sean" "thanks" "speaking of nice things, did I mention that I just got an A on my exam?" I sortta do that desperate search for the approval that I never received from Mr. Cruz (my third grade teacher that everybody thought was having an affair with Mrs. Dwyer - they're together maybe there was something to that)

It bugs me when people go off on tangents that have nothing to do with what they were talking about.
I've always like the word "bubkiss". "Hey Sean, how much did you get for that What 'chu talking 'bout Willis? t-shirt on e-bay?" "I got bubkiss"
It just works for expression the contempt I have for nothing. (or jack squat)
I ask people why they engage in certain activities when they know they're wrong...and they often rationalize their actions by saying, "it's ok this one time" or "you know that it's not a big deal, I can handle this without getting into any real trouble". It all comes down to this... (at least I think it does)
We all think we're above the law. It bugs us when other people do the things that we do.
A friend of mine will periodically speak about relationships to groups - people love to talk about that stuff. He often will ask each person to put together a list of attributes they're looking for in a potential girlfriend (the girls already have a typed out, three page list in their he's basically just asking the guys to make a list)
He follows this by telling folks that they should try to BE the list. The things they're looking for (nice, smart, caring, funny, generous, uses big words, pedantic...) try to live those out. The thing is - the stuff we like in often hard to pull off in ourselves. It's easier to just sit back and criticize others for their inadequacies...then to work on ourselves. We're above the law.
As much as they tell us in school to work on our self-esteem (because clearly people are far too concerned with helping their fellow humans...we need to think about ourselves more often) - maybe we ought to work on our self-lessness. Maybe we ought to see people as thirsty instead of as screwed up. We're all thirsty for's just a matter of how we're trying to quench that thirst.
But what do I know?

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