Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Headed to Latrobe, PA today. Going to go see the four time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers at training camp. This is the same Steelers team that won 16 games last year. The same team that had rookie of the year Ben Roethlisberger. And it's free!
I'd argue that this is the best value in sports. Sure, they'll try and sell me a $20 t-shirt...but this Steelers fan aint buying. You see, once you buy...then it ceases to be the best value in sports. Then it moves out of the top ten in my eyes.
Keep in mind that I'll get to see the most famous jaw in all of sports (and I'm not talking about Ron Jaworski), the most dynamic running back to ever play the game - of course they used to say that about the juice. I'll get to see 300 pound men getting yelled at...and not do anything about it. When do you ever get to see that?
Today - if you're like me and go to the Pittsburgh Steeler's training camp.

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