Monday, August 08, 2005

I know a few things...and spelling isn't one of them

There are certain things in life that I'm sure of... I know for sure that once a year my basement will flood. I'm positive that Griffin will ask me today for Candy, to play with his friends, to watch cartoons, to slip n' slide, to go to the pool, for more juice, if he can spend the night at _________'s house, ask when cousin Connor can come over, and for a snack, three toys that he sees in commercials, and if I want to play baseball. You can't convince me that Tom Cruise will be married to Katie Holmes in five years. I won't believe that Trix are made just for kids. I know as much as I know anything that wrestling is the hardest far...and you cross country fans aren't going to convince me otherwise...until you're seen leaving practice with some piece of clothing soaked in blood....every day.
I know that the 1970's Steelers are the best football team of all time. I know that Major League pitching is better today than it's ever been... I'm sure that people believe what they want to believe. I know that our great struggle is Pride. I know that Max Lucado has a gift for making the profound seem simple...and is looked down upon for being "simple".
I know there was a guy who led a faultless life, died, rose again....and appeared before over 500 witnesses....many who died in His name - now why would you die for someone - if you knew the things said about him were a lie? Maybe if you thought this guy was a big some of those kooky cults - but they SAW Him. If you knew He didn't rise again....would you die for Him? You wouldn't. I know that.
I also know that Beverly Hills Ninja is the worst movie of all time.

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