Sunday, July 31, 2005

flood - not a jars reference

My basement smells. I mean it really stinks. Changing your disposal while your wife is making egg salad and son just exploded a diaper kindda smell. If I was to pick a room to smell, I guess I'd have to go with the basement (if we all agree that the garage isn't a room...and how couldyou not?). The only problem with picking the basement is that, for us, it's by far the largest room in the house. We have a Bible study in the basement once a week with 25 people in it. We keep 3 couches and 2 futons (what a waste of furniture a futon is) down there...along with some chairs, a few ottomans and a giant foam shoe that serves as an uncomfortable seat for the last one there that doesn't sit on the floor. Last week we moved it upstairs...but it just didn't feel right. We have a couch, two love seats, and pulled in a dozen or so chairs...but it just wasn't right. Outside can be too distracting. At least once a year my basement floods...thus the smell.
We bought our house from some folks that said the basement stays dry. I think their names were Stan and Irene Liarsons.
I've been running the dehumidifier for 10 days...and I borrowed a wet-dry vac - it's just not getting it all. Luckily the smell hasn't reached the rest of the house - or I'm just used to it because it's always there.
So, I'll spend my day running a wet/dry vac (vacuum is spelled kindda funny...don't you think?) spraying generic lysol, and hoping to kill the germs that have made their way into my basement. Soon it will smell like a field of flowers in the spring....or at least like an old basement with shag carpeting that hasn't been flooded recently.

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