Friday, February 10, 2006

school mom of the year

I just ran into a lady that I've met once before. I have no idea what her name is, but I know she's a mom at the school that Griffin goes to. The one thing I noticed when I met her before was that she talked to everybody. Not only did she talk to everybody, but she asked specific questions about what was going on with specific situations.

She just knew everybody and everything. It was really important to her. It makes sense that I would remember her because I took the time to see her in action. She stood out merely because of her talking to other moms. I couldn't pick out one other mom out of a lineup (wouldn't that be odd if I had to?)

The crazy thing is that she saw me (while she was talking to someone's mom) and said, "Hey, congratulations! A girl! Great news!"

She knew about #3 (I'm going to start calling her Tre) I have relatives and people that I see every day that don't know that our third child is going to be a girl...some don't know that we have a third kid on the way.

Her actions are crazy to me because people generally don't really care. We had one neighbor come over and introduce themself since we moved here four months ago. People just don't care. I understand that people move around a lot more now. I also understand that people can hang out in their air conditioned houses watching cable tv while talking with someone on instant messenger and playing Doom with someone in Detroit.

We don't hang out on porches...we don't have block parties...we don't really connect.

I don't think this lady (I have no idea what her name is) would have really stood out to me 50 years ago....well, neither of us were that would have been weird....
If this lady went back in time 50 years...she would just be another mom talking to all the moms (and the occasional dad with the day off)

I wonder sometimes if the church has become so inwardly focused because that's how society has evolved. Maybe some of the churches are a little better than society at caring for others...but I'll bet that we're not nearly as good as we used to be.

I wonder sometimes if there are folks in our church genuinely interested in folks outside of the church...who are willing to step out and engage them in some sort of conversation. I know there are a few....

but a few?
That's what we're looking at here?

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  1. Maybe this mom doesn't really care, she's just being nosey.....LOL!