Friday, February 24, 2006

Cafe Philosophique

Had an interesting discussion last night.
There were nine of us gathered to talk about our differing views about a variety of subjects. To some degree it was like the view....Barbara starts the show by saying, "I wanted to get together a group of girls with different views..." and I'm always struck by how similar their core values are...and also by Star Jones eyes...but I think we all feel that way.

Anyhow, last night was very much like the View (with Adam playing the part of Star Jones....he was Sassy and said, "Go girl!" a couple of dozen times) We all had the same basic core values, but did see different solutions, had varying degrees of hope, discontent, and saw different paths that we could wander down.

I've read Proverbs a few times and there's this recurring theme of shut up and listen (it says it a little softer than that) I did a word study on listening last week. I was talking with a group about how to honor friendships by listening and one of the thing I learned in the process is that there's great value in listening beyond just nodding my head and thinking through the smart thing I was going to say next.
I also learned that I'm a pretty bad listener.
Last night was a fun chance to try this new fangled thing out.
So I listened.
I picked a good night for it.
If I was in a room full of blathering idiots I would have either checked out or spoken up more....but there was some real wisdom in that room....or at least intelligence. I often gauge wisdom the same way that Robin Williams explains in Good Will's lived out.

Dave Workman is a wise dude...the rest of us are pretenders with a bunch of ideas about what might work. Either way it was great to be around one wise couple, and some young, energetic, inspired, intelligent, hot (Adam has the eyes of Star Jones), passionate folks...
It was really nice....even inspiring...

It wasn't quite the same as sitting on the couch and watching Dancing with the Stars and yelling at the judges for not grading Dustin Diamond higher for his Samba... but there'll be time for that...

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  1. sean - i left you a little shout out on my blog...check it out! hope you guys are doing well...i get to see you and annie and the boys in ONE WEEK!! can't wait!