Sunday, February 19, 2006


I've seen over a dozen of my friends start blogs in the last couple of months.
It's the new black.

I love blogs.
I have one blog that I read every day and a few others that I like to check in on. I get asked about something in my blog just about every day and I rarely know what the person is talking about at first. Once I type something's like it gets erased from my memory. I don't go back and read it...I just type and pretty soon I decide to stop...and then I hit "publish post". About 3-4 minutes is my typical process. I figure anything I happen to be thinking at the moment that would take more than 4 minutes to articulate...that's a lot of monologue and no dialogue.
Maybe it's my ADD that struggles with reading anything on a computer screen for more than that. I can read a book for hours, a magazine for dozens of minutes, a blog for 4 minutes and a menu for 2.
My aunt Peggy (her real name is Margaret Mary...but Peg is short for that??) just started up a blog...should be a good one...I'll let you know.

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