Friday, February 03, 2006


Focus is a funny thing.
Things that bring me down seem to come back over and over to haunt me throughout my day. I see people get venomously angry about stupid things and I can't help but think, "boy, they're venonously angry...that's really stupid...they're really overreacting" and I'll come back to that thought throughout my day. Again and again. Boy are they stupid. I need to tell them they're being stupid. If I were to talk with them, I'd point out how stupid they're being...

Just keep thinking about them.

All day.

It eats at me.

It changes my perspective about things that should matter.

I just read that I should "set my heart and mind on thing above" and that's just straight up, 100% correctamundo (as Arthur Fonzarelli would say)

How great would it be if I didn't spend so much time focusing on stupid stuff, and then obsessing about it all day?

I'd probably love people better.

I'd probably be in a whole lot better mood....always.

I'd probably be rich and famous.

O.K., not rich or famous...but there are a lot of miserable, rich, famous people.

Maybe they should start focusing on things above...and less on the things of this broken world???

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