Tuesday, February 14, 2006

a day to remember

"you can impress at a distance, but you only impact people up close"
I've heard that a few times and I believe it.

I get motivated when I go to big events. I get excited after seeing a great speaker or even an inspiring movie. I love all of those things....but it seems like the simple conversations with folks that I know, that are the life changing, motivating, inspiring times where I see real life, do-able possibility. When I hear from someone I know, and know their struggles, talk about life change...it gives me hope.

Hope has always been hard for me. I guess that's why it's so attractive to me. It's never become blase or common for me...it's always fresh (when I catch a glimpse of it)

Yesterday I was a part of a hope filled conversation. I saw up close the spark of electricity that was coursing through my friend. If windows are truly the window to the soul, I had a front row seat...and it was inspiring. I wasn't envious (which is rare for me) I was in awe.
It was attractive and infectious

Yesterday was a day I'll remember...

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