Monday, February 13, 2006

only so many hours...

Exaggerations sort of eat at me. It's hard for me to hear someone talk about how much they do, or have done and not internally verify their numbers.
I'm not a great listener...I'm not a great basketball player...I'm not a great chemist...but I'm pretty good at doing quick math in my head. The problem with that is that I tend to think through people's claims. I can figure out what the possibility or probability of something occurring are...and it sort of eats at me if they're lying.
I try to think of it as exaggeration...and that doesn't bug me as much. It still bugs me though. You'd think I'd learn to use this power for playing poker...but I tend to use it as a sort of B.S. meter (B.S. standing for "Baloney sandwich" of course)

We all exaggerate to some extent (or maybe I'm overgeneralizing...or sort of exaggerating the facts). I certainly do. I exaggerate my perceived weaknesses to be not quite so weak...and my strengths to be stronger than they are in actuality.
My name is Sean, and I exaggerate. As I say that, I know it's true...but I can't think of anything in particular that I've exaggerated recently. Maybe it's something that I subtly do day to day...maybe I've grown so accustomed to my exaggerations that I've come to believe them.

Maybe today is a good day for self reflection. I can take the day off of worrying about other's exaggerations and focus on the stuff I'm trying to cover up...or enhance...

I really can't do either right now...I've got another car to build before lunch...


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I have the same Baloney Sandwich meter. And a pretty strong hypocrasy (did I spell that right?) meter too. And then my Mom told me that things we hate most about other people tend to be the things we hate even more about ourselves. Go figure...

  2. Anonymous8:15 PM

    It seems like you don't get him on this one
    "my name is sean, and I exaggerate"
    "Maybe today is a good day for self reflection"
    He ended with the "I've got another car to build" because that's sort of ironic. You see, he was talking about exaggerations because he's not actually going to build another car. In fact, he probably didn't build one at all. He was making fun of himself.
    It was an exaggeration

    never mind