Tuesday, January 03, 2006

testing 1, 2...

Just had satellite installed in our house. Actually the satellite is on the roof of our garage. The guy who hooked it up said that they're not allowed to hook it up over a "living space". I'm wondering what they do if they put it on a house with no garage...or on a house that has a room over the garage??? I'm also wondering what kind of cancer we're all going to get because this thing is so dangerous that they don't want it near the living quarters???
I asked the guy if he had a satellite at his house (I always ask the guys who work for a company if they have the product...that's just how I roll) When he said he did, I asked him how often it went out.
He said it'd gone out once in the last year (my TIME WARNER CABLE went out 4 times in 29 days). The one time his satellite went out was because the snow had covered it up. He just swept it off and he was back to perfect reception.
I sort of wish I could do that in areas that were slightly more important than TV. Annie's trying to tell me something...and I just wipe the snow off my head and all of a sudden I get it. Cooper's crying...I wipe the snow off and the next thing you know I'm changing a diaper.
I sometimes wonder what "snow" I'm carrying around that keeps me from truly hearing people. I'm great at recognizing the garbage that other people are carrying around that keeps them from hearing logic (truth, common sense...) but it's like a snowstorm on my cranium when you're looking for a little bit of compassion. I'm praying and thinking about all the stuff I have to do, and what's on TV, and what's for lunch, and why my leg itches...and can't figure out why God's not talking back.
I need to break out a snowplow.

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  1. Sean Michael Murphy (you understand that using all three of your names means you will either become President of the United States, a country singer, or a serial killer, don't you?)...I would like to grab a cup of coffee/tea/beer with you sometime to chat about why the Steelers suck. (And maybe some other topics as well.) And just because my year off from dating has ended, don't get any funny ideas! Drop me and email to discuss this possibility...fullersj@uc.edu.