Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another year

Resolutions for '06
-no crack
-improve my memory (not sure how to do that)
-read less magazines and more books
-break the world record in the mile
-write a book
-learn to do a Jeff Goldbloom impersonation
-start smoking, quit, and then keep track of how many days I've been off the "devil sticks"
-step on people on my way to the top
-talk 15 people out of Time Warner Cable
-tell people we have a new phone number 777-4778 (Spripst) that comes out Friday (cursed Time Warner!)
-More rock, less talk
-Father three children
-Husband one wife
-Brother one....brother
-put my business card in the jar at Chipotle until I win a free lunch
-ban mayonnaise in public restaurants
-finish one "very difficult" Sudoku puzzle
-come up with a new flavor for water
-see the Big 10 wrestling championships
-get Shawn Thomas to throw away his college sweatpants
-pass Danny Rose in the hall and say, "what up G?" and then just keep walking
-laugh a lot
-bowl three strikes in a row (a turkey to you bowling connoisseurs)
-plan a vacation with a "cabbage" theme

1 comment:

  1. One piece of advice in your water favor-inventing process thing...

    Stay away from fruit; it's been done.

    Try doughnut-flavored water; or mint...mint is the new caramel in the candy world. Or ranch. Or how about cookies and cream? Mmmm...

    Free your mind...and the rest will follow.