Friday, January 20, 2006

beward the curse of the volvo station wagon

I just went and picked up some fellas from work who were having car issues. I picked them up in a red, volvo station wagon. I was going to clean out my Honda to squeeze them all in (had a bunch of stuff I was lugging around for a video) and everyone's favorite smiling face at the front desk...and the person who really runs this place, offered up her car. She didn't even blink...didn't ask for my driving record, if I'd been drinking, had abused any sort of prescription drugs...just handed over the keys. You can't beat those Dresslers...

OK, back to the car. It had heated seats!

Why haven't they come out with heated seats before now? (now, being this chunk of time we live in that knows of warm behinds in luxury vehicles) Why doesn't my car have heated seats? And if they can heat, why don't they massage? I used to have a car that didn't have heat, but the cigarette lighter worked (don't get ahead of me on this one) so I plugged in a portable heater. I had another car that had a leaky gas tank. It only really leaked while I was filling it out. I'd put $15 in the tank and $4 on the ground. (don't tell the E.P.A.)
I've had cars that were missing door handles, radios, seats and the ability to shift.

And as much as I can whine about the lousy cars I've ridiculous is it for me to complain? I've had a dozen cars...literally. Can you imagine going to someone living in a trash dump and complaining that your car doesn't have heated seats? You drive by a guy walking four miles in his bare feet to get his family some disease ridden water...and he hears you yelling about the stupid c.d. player skipping. It'd be like some guy complaining to you about his house not having a four car garage.

I sure did like that car though...and I still like is good....let's focus on that and that'd free us up to maybe help someone who doesn't have it quite as good as we do. Ashley did it by lending us her can I pass that on?

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