Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dude, where's my wallet?

I saw a car parked across two spaces recently. It wasn't one of those, "oops, I'm over the line a little on the left" kind of deals. They parked perpendicularly across two spaces with a purpose. I'm assuming they were parking in such a way so that no one could park close to them, thus opening up the possibility of a dinged door. I saw a guy park about a half mile from a store once just so no one would park near him. He was that concerned about his little Trans Am...or whatever kind of car he had (Trans Am is just my generic cheese car that I see and immediately picture a guy with a mustache, a tight shirt with the collar up and a chain to his wallet)
I wonder what in my life is so important to me, that I'd go a mile out of my way just to ensure it's safety???
I know that I've lost hundreds of hours of sleep worrying about my boys. I definitely go WAY out of my way to protect them. It hurts me more than them to see them scratched or dinged up. Maybe there's a lesson here... Maybe I should place a higher value on things that matter...
Maybe I should be more concerned about my Honda...

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