Friday, January 27, 2006

ok, we get it...

So I occasionally bump into this guy that seems to always bring the conversation around to the subject of beer. I've got no problems with beer...I understand that people like it...but every gotta talk about it?
It'd be odd if every day I said to him, "Yeah, I'm going out to get a big mac with the fellas tonight. We should go get some big macs some time. I just loves me some big macs"

There are these old ladies that do laps at the Y where it takes fifteen laps to equal a they carry these little counters so they don't lose track of how many laps they've done.
In high school we were like that. We'd spend the night counting how many beers we drank. We'd also add two or three to the tally just to keep up appearances.
"Dude, I've already had 17 beers tonight!"
Then for the next week we'd wedge into conversation how many drinks we'd had.
"So how was the math exam?"
"It wasn't too would have been easier if I hadn't had 28 beers last weekend!"

In college there were always guys that didn't really go to parties in high school that were playing catch they'd say the same things you'd hear in high school.
"Dude, I was out til three o'clock drinkinig with my prof...I had like 74 beers!"


You still count?

Dude, I had 173 french fries and 17 ounces of ketchup!!

I sometimes wish I could go back in time and just invite them to one of the parties. It's ok. People like you. You don't have to keep track anymore.

I understand people drink because they're feeling lonely, it's their way of being fun, or they just like the taste...and that's their deal... but it's odd when they talk about it like it's some sort of athletic feat. It's like they need to tell us how much they drank because in their mind, it's not something that just anybody can do.
"I can talk to people because I drink beer"
That's how you talk to people?

I know this sounds like an anti beer rant...but I promise you it's just an observation about teenage habits following us into our latter years. I get it. People drink...we have freedom. Jesus drank wine. I'm alright with the alcoholic beverages. I just worry about the poor people who don't drink.
On top of not being considered organic, emergent or relevent...they're stuck with the label of being an uptight fundamentalists...and have nothing to hang their hat on.
"I read 17 chapters of the Bible last night!"
you still count?


  1. Man, you should have a beer and loosen up. :)

    What really helped me was listening to my college students talk about it EVERY day in class. I always try to point out how pathetic they sound (in a loving way of course).

  2. The negative view toward non-drinkers in the church is probably largely a back-lash to tee-totalers in the past. People assume that if you don't drink, then it's because you believe it's a sin... and then they think that they have to be all defensive about it or aggressively pro-beer (I think I might make a T-Shirt that states my aggressive pro-beer stance).

    It's funny how Christians try to communicate with each other without talking. We're stoopid.

    Ironically, the word verification for this post contains the word "Hudy" as in Hudy Delight. Fantastic.

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