Friday, September 30, 2005

I just want some that so wrong?

Where to live...where to live? We're moving to Cincinnati...gotta find a house somewhere within 15-20 minutes from the Vineyard (our new church and place of employment) we can't live in Middletown, can't live in Blue Ball, or Monroe, or Springboro....
ah yes...West Chester, Ohio (yeah, we'll live in the Dub C)
But when should we move there?
I start on October probably on the 9th. The only problem is the house we bought isn't available until November 18th. That's a long time to live out of a suitcase.
Still....gotta look at the positives. Chipotle right around the corner....and Aunt Peggy...and Schlotzskys....and a bunch of pretty solid people that I like to hang out with...
I don't mind telling you that I'll miss the good folks of State College though(it is the Happy Valley).
One more week....and then it's off to the Queen city (sounds kindda wrong, doesn't it? Is there a King city...Minneapolis is clearly the Prince city)

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