Tuesday, September 27, 2005

bland chicken dinners

I'm headed to a banquet tonight. It's kind of nice to go to a banquet and not have to worry about the food, how many people show up, how the speaker....um...speaks, and about if the slide show and sound system work.
I just have to show up, throw on the clown outfit (whatever costume they put me in) and say some lines. I won't even have to make small talk at a table...at least I don't think I will...you don't think they'll make me stick around for the food and speaker part, do you? That'd be silly...I think...sure it would.
Tonight I'll be playing the part of Stu Sutcliff, compliance officer of the 3-D (that's tonight's theme) teamsters Union. The joke is (and you'd better not be drinking any milk...) (you know...because when you laugh and drink milk, it comes out....oh, never mind) that their 3 decades celebration....or 3D theme - needs a certain quota of 3-D union workers.
That's where Stu comes in....and yes, that's the name of the guy who was the fifth or sixth Beatle...depending on who you ask...and it's just a coincidence....although I consider myself the 45th Beatle (right behind Gordon Clapp and in front of the replacement guy on the Maytag the repairman commercials- Gordon Jump - purely coincidental on the Gordon thing....and yeah, he was also the Big guy on WKRP and the creepy guy from a very special Different Strokes episode)
So wish me luck.
or that I'd break a leg (what's that all about anyway?)

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