Tuesday, September 13, 2005

huh? part 2

it's sort of like...
Your dad asks you if you have any homework?
and you say no...
and then he checks, and finds out that you have a report due...
but you keep refusing to do it....and it's not like he can do it....it's not his job
In fact, it's against the rules for him to do it....
But he knows it's really important....so he writes the report for you...and then tells you that you just have to turn the paper in.
But you won't.
You refuse.
So the paper never gets turned in (even though your dad wrote it)
and then the school calls your dad and yells at him..."Why didn't you do the paper?!"
"Because I'm not allowed to...besides, I wrote it...but he wouldn't turn it in."
So if the President calls the Governor and says, "let's declare an emergency, and have a mandatory evacuation - in fact, I've already written the paperwork for you...you just have to sign it"
And then the Governor has a meeting to discuss the political ramifications of this...and then decides not to do it.
And then the President calls her back and says, "seriously, you need to do this...it's going to happen...I CAN'T DO IT - IT'S AGAINST THE LAW!!! HERE ARE THE PAPERS...JUST SIGN THEM - PLEASE!"
and she didn't....she wouldn't.
So naturally everybody is blaming the president for not sending in the troops to bring in aid.
but still....he should have...
it's like arguing about why your kid has to go to bed....it's just stupid. "But dad, I want to stay up forever!" "yeah, but you need to go to bed" "But dad, I'm going to be a superhero and fly to the moon or Kentucky"
this is a similar argument to "the president should have solved the problem"


  1. If President Bush would have taken control against Blanco's will, the Democrats would have brought up impeachment charges for stepping outside the bounds of his office.

    Since he didn't, the Democrats are likely to try to bring impeachment charges against him for criminal negligence.

    It is completely impossible to govern the country like this. We have two groups of people with two fundamentally different views of what this country is and what it should be about. One will win and one will lose. And it won't be us losing, because we're right and our arguments are based on sound reasoning - not the insane whining of hip-hop artists.

  2. I started reading about your Dad doing your homework for you, even after you denied that you had any homework at all, and I thought that it was a metaphor for the gospel...