Thursday, September 08, 2005

Country & Rap

If only we could combine the depth of rap, with the soul of country...
That Snoop Dog....he's a wise, wise man...
- and that Garth Brooks, he has soul...if only we could mesh the two...
a boy can dream, can't he?
Well along comes Cowboy Troy!
He's part of the Country-Rap explosion....I call it
I just saw him on a show and now I feel like my soul got just a little bit smaller. It feels like my heart is just a little bit harder. There was this immediate desire to send money, like when you see something terribly wrong and you want to help on some level.
But there was no 1-800 number. I guess somebody has to start something like that.
So, if you would just send 50 cents a day....about the price of a newspaper - to
124 Oakmont Rd. State College, PA 16801 - to the "Stop the Insanity" fund -
Only you can prevent this horrible tragedy from happening again.
It's up to you...

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