Saturday, September 24, 2005

Frankie says Relax

It's funny how an innocent idea like, "hey, let's have a yard sale" can have such a stressful outcome. I figured we'd throw a few Elvis figurines, an old cell phone or two and Annie's entire Kenny G collection out on the front lawn and let people have at it. Apparently there's a whole lot more to it than that. I was out hanging up signs miles away today...."5 miles to Penn State - and to one heck of a garage sale" all up and down the 7 AM. I was cleaning spider webs off old wedding and birthday presents that have been stored in our garage for years.
I was actually panicked by the possibility of selling a table that we don't want....because we need it to pile old clothes that we don't want on top of. You get really excited when you sell something big...but then you wish you had it back when someone pulls into your driveway, judges it, you, the parents who would have brought up someone who is so obviously bad at selling stuff in their driveway...and then drive off because you don't have any big stuff.
...and all for $3.95

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