Thursday, September 01, 2005

Give a hoot...and don't loot

I watched a kid wave to the camera with his free hand...his other hand was pushing a shopping cart full of stuff he was stealing. It was a big day for looters. The police had to decide whether to go and help the rescue workers...and possibly save lives, homes or both...or go chase the 14 year old stealing sneakers.
---I have a friend that agrees with me on most things, but she always uses the excuse that "you can't legislate morality" when I argue for laws that she disagrees with. Actually, I'm convinced that she agrees with me - but her particular political party doesn't...and agreeing with the party means more to her than agreeing with me.
I can see that.
So at some point there's going to be a commission that studies looters and discovers that they're just like you and's just that they loot. It's who they are. It's part of their inner being. For them to to loot. And who are we to judge?
Shame is a thing of the past. It's wrong to feel shame. You should be proud of who you are. "You are the only you you can be" To make someone feel shameful...well...that would be shameful.
Of course this kid was proud that he was ripping off some store. It wasn't his fault. It's society's. They are to blame. Not individuals in a society mind's society as a whole.
"To incarcerate to judge looters...and who are we to judge?" That will be some politician's line. "To make laws against looting is to legislate morality...and who are you to say what's right and what's wrong?"
--You'd have to agree with that if you agree that you can't legislate morality. You'd also have to take rape, murder, assault and battery (why are batteries bad anyhow?), passing bad checks, stealing good money, the books. These are all morality issues.
And who are we to try and impose our values on anyone else?
That would be worse than the crimes themselves...
So have at it's not your fault....go get your toaster ovens - your Nike Airs (do they still sell those...I'm like 50) - go get your microwave ovens and your floor lamps. It's all free.
It's owed to you....and even if it wasn't....if you think it's o.k. for you...then it must be o.k.

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