Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ci Ci ya later!

I used to wonder about this whole Optimist - Pessimist argument. Actually, it's not really an's just that the pessimists seem to always be defending their philosophy...and the optimists don't seem to care much.
The pessimist will say, "it's just that if I don't get my hopes up...then I won't be disappointed."
"but then you're never hopeful..."
"Yeah, but I'm never upset"
"so you never really feel..."
We know that optimist live longer (there are about 437 studies that say that)
and they've gotta be happier...don't they?
I wonder sometimes. I had lunch yesterday with Danny Rose at Ci Ci's Pizza- and there was this girl who greeted us with a way too happy smile and "hello". You literally couldn't go near her if you had diabetes. So as we were with my glasses in hand (I tried to unbend the frame with the help of made sense at the time) she said, "Ci Ci ya later!"
and I think she meant it. There was no manager around. She was just that chipper.
And I'm betting that she's just a bit happier than the rest of us. Maybe the cynics out there
would mock her (through conversations, blogs...whatever) but I'm guessing that she'll always have the last laugh...literally.
maybe there's something to that...

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