Monday, September 26, 2005

Regrets...I've had a few

I know that we're supposed to "strain toward what is ahead...forgetting what is behind" - but a friend of mine asked me the other day what I was going to miss the most about State College. I've always said that it really doesn't matter where you live - it's more important who you surround yourself with. If you go to college and your roommate is a won't like that college.....if your roommate is'll love it there. It's just true. Having said that, I'd also argue that in addition to friends - you'll want to surround yourself with one or two Chipotle's.
But I do have a few regrets about these past couple of years.
I regret not playing more racquetball and tennis.
I regret not being able to see Penn State have a decent football team.
I regret never having led a club with Dan Kalbach.
I regret paying $4 to watch Broken Flowers.
I regret doing the Trivia mixer in club my first year here (It will kill this year...I just know it)
I regret not seeing Allie do her first club talk.
I regret not video taping every single episode of "What Would Brad Pitt Do?" (WWBPD?)
I regret having to leave Calvary Baptist Church.
I regret having to leave some great friends, neighbors...and friends who are also neighbors.
I regret not having my basement fixed before I moved in.
I regret having to move Griffin 2 times in his first 4 years.
I regret the fact that Ed was cancelled.
and I'm going to look back upon these past couple of years's not the weather, the basement...or even the lack of's the people I'll miss.


  1. Please allow a stranger to raise a burrito to you-- here here. If there is no Chipotle near your next adventure perhaps you'll be near a Qdoba or Baja Fresh. Viva la burrito revelution, and best luck of luck!

  2. Are you crazy, man, there is a Chipotle not 5 minutes away from where you will be working.