Monday, July 13, 2009

Where would we be without it?

Whatever that magic box outside my house does to condition the air, I love it.
Three greatest inventions of all time?
1. - you've gotta love fire.  I'm going old school and leading off with the flame.  It's the best.  If we learned anything from Survivor, it's that.  You can't have a delicious flame broiled sanwich without fire, and you also can't encourage Foghat while they're bringing down the house without it.
2. - Tivo.  Don't argue with me on this one.  I used to be on your side before, but I was an idiot and I've learned my lesson.  Don't start yelling about a's the same know what I mean.  Stop it.  Now you just want to argue.  What's that all about anyway?
3. - Air Conditioning.  We all saw this one coming.  I led off with this one.  I just wanted to bookend this amazing weblog post with my ode to central cooling.

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