Thursday, July 02, 2009


I'm stepping into the early 2000's and signing up for some podcasts. Young Annie gave me an itouch for my birthing day and I've been adding a thing or two to my little electronic friend.

I've almost signed up for Jimmy Pardo's podcast - Never Not Funny - a bunch of times in the past year or so, but actually took the step this week and paid for it.  Keep in mind that $20 is more than I paid for gas this week for two cars....I just love Jimmy's wordplay.

I also rediscovered The Phil Hendrie show and still love it.  He has a free show and it brings back the memories of Annie and I boring our friends trying to recreate his show to our friends.  The entire premise of his show is he'll have a "guest" that takes the wrong stance on some controversial subject and he'll talk to them until people call up outraged.  What the callers don't know (typically I assume) is that Phil is playing the guest and interviewing himself...does that even make sense?  Sometimes he'll even be the caller.  The bottom line is that people get really mad while Phil makes awful comments that are really funny.
So I have a ton of I'm looking for more to load up my little pocket sound machine (coincedentally, Fuller's street name).  If you know of a great, and hopefully free, podcast out there...I'm ready to give them a shot.  Just let me know...


  1. the onion's video podcast is money. good ole' american greenbacks.

  2. I used to listen to Phil Hendrie all the time. Always cracked me up. I thought he quit doing the show a few years ago.

    One time he had this guest who kept talking about Socialism. All these people called up and went nuts.