Wednesday, July 08, 2009

travel day

I'm headed out of state (Indiana - I think?) today.  It's not a good day for travel.  We're starting up a new Alpha tomorrow at a center for folks with special needs.
I have no idea what that really means.  I've been there.  It seems like they do great work.  They seem nice.  I just feel more comfortable with the home court advantage and I'm curious about taking Alpha on the road.
I should mention that I've been pushing to have Alpha play an away game for three years now.  So the fact that I'm starting to have buyer's remorse should tell you how double minded I am.
Either way - I've got a silly amount of work to do, and I'm off to meet one of my favorite authors.  In the long run, I'm guessing this trip will stand out more than prepping a bunch of notebooks and flyers...

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