Monday, July 06, 2009

searching for ideas...and tickets...

I told our three kids that I was going to take them each out for a special day in the next few weeks.  Then I asked them what they would want to do if they could do anything in the world.

Cooper, what would you want to do if you could do anything at all?

Cooper:  Have breakfast

Me:  Well...sure...but if you could do anything at all today, what would it be? 

Cooper:  Put that pillow on the couch.
I didn't want to really squash his dreams, so I made him a pop tart and let him put the pillow on the couch.  Bottom line?   I'm a world class dad.
Later he told me he'd like to go to a Dayton Dragons if anybody has ticket connections - why don't you hook a brother up?
Griffin wants to go to COSI or the Children's museum...or the driving range...or a movie...or putt putt...

Parker just runs around the house yelling, "Yeah, what's up!?!?"  It's a little like living with Flava Flav...


  1. what day are you looking to go?

  2. sometime in July...I can make just about any 'ol day work if I know a few days out (not this wednesday though - I'm meeting with Robert Coleman...yup, that Robert Coleman...I'm kind of a big deal)

  3. Oh no it isn't. The three months I lived with Flava Flav were the worst of my life! That punk would drink out of MY pimp cup, was always borrowing my bling without asking, and I now I can't find my viking helmet anywhere. Parker would be a breeze next to that tiny man.