Tuesday, July 28, 2009

one minute at a time

I'm really sweaty right now.  High School two a days kind of sweaty.  I've joined a gymnasium and it's really not fun.
They sold me on the two weeks free trial and the sign in process.  When I signed in at 6:30 I just put my finger on a scanner and a little speaker said, "have a nice workout".  It's like I'm working out in the future.
When I started I really wasn't even in good enough shape to step all the way up onto the treadmill (is that bad?)  I found someone who spotted me and finally made it onto the apparatus.  And then I ran for one minute.
Yup.  One minute of running.  I walked 19 and ran 1.  The next day I ran 2, and then 3...and now I'm up to running for a half hour each day and a few miles on the bicycle that remains stationary while I peddle it. 
So it's not much, but my little minute a day routine got me to my goal of running for a half hour each day, and now I'm on to setting my next goal.  So far it's either win the Ironman or beat up Kent Hrbek.  It's still up in the air. (who puts an R after an H?)

And today I walked out of the gymnasium to see a guy in his jeep park in the area not reserved for parking.  It's hard to see from my camera cellular telephone vantage, but if you could see it...it's on the other side of an open parking spot.  He could have had the closest spot in the entire lot...but it wasn't good enough.  "I'm not parking all the way over there and walking all that way to the building to get my exercise!  I'm a taxpayer!"
I'm not sure why he'd yell about being a taxpayer...but it's generally a good go to.


  1. When the wife and I stop in Cinci for the North American tour, we're going for a run.

  2. I'm in - as long as we run on a treadmill in an air conditioned room...with tv's...and music...and I dont' have to run that fast.
    I'm totally in.
    When are you guys coming? If you don't stay at our house,
    Griffin will box your ears.

  3. Kent Hrbek. Is that the infamous tag in the world series, where he pulled the guy off 1st base for an out?

  4. probably was - who puts an h next to an r? I'll tell you who - the same kind of guy that pulls someone off first for an out...that's who.

  5. do you do the podcasts while you run?

  6. I was running to "I'm on a boat" this morning...and try to name a more inspirational song than that, my friend