Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Insurance companies have taken a beating over the past couple of decades.  You can't throw a John Grisham book on the ground without it opening to some reference of the evil agencies.  It seems like they've become the bad guys in lots of movies, tv shows and conversations.
Here's what I know.  My dealing with almost every insurance agency have been fair.  Twice they've paid me more than I expected for claims I've made on my house and my car.  Maybe I'm the exception, but I've never really had any problems.
Having said that - I talked with three roofing companies after Hurricane Stuart came through and all three offered to help me commit insurance fraud.  "It's ok, because these companies are huge"

I was watching espn today and saw that the Stringer family was suing Riddel because they didn't warn Korey that helmets and shoulder pads make things warmer when you're playing football in the sun.
Some guy making $8 an hour is now going to have to spend more money to pay for his kid's equipment because an nfl player's family wanted a little more money.  My insurance rates cost more because - why not stick it to the insurance companies?  They're rich, right?  So that makes it ok...did we learn nothing from Kevin Costner's portrayal of Robin Hood?

Stealing from big companies ultimately hurts the single mom making minimum wage more than it hurts Wall Street.  Rates go up -because they have to - the cost of products, resources or services cost more... and the poor get poorer...


  1. I worked with his mom a couple of years ago on a home loan. then I quit because I hated the company and being a loan officer... anyway, his mom seems super cool. And actually, Korey's dad passed away while I was working with Korey's mom on the loan. I think it's more of the wife suing people... She was tangled up with lawsuits even a couple of years ago over the death of korey. Could say more about the situation, but I won't. either way, the mom seemed cool and I agree that the whole idea of frilous lawsuits is crap all around. blah.