Friday, July 31, 2009

Double L to the H on the Weekend

Some friends are loving Lincoln Heights this weekend.  I'm not sure exactly what that involves, but our family is it's gotta be family friendly, right?
People will be cleaning, running games, helping to setup a block party, grilling out...lots to do.  If you'd like to join us, see here for better details.  Our small group will be helping with the block party from Noon to 3.  If you see me, maybe I'll sneak you a balloon...
In fact, if you're at the block party...all you have to do is go up to Joe and say, "Great Beard" and he'll either give you a dollar, a hug or something from the prize booth.  That seems like win/win.
And as for tonight - Ms. Peg Murphy is performing a classic American tale of intrigue, mystery and laughter in the stage production of...actually I can't remember the play...this is a lousy plug, huh?  Well that's where we're going to be this evening...double date style.  Should be fun.

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