Thursday, July 16, 2009

Playing the game

I was asked to be the master of ceremonies for The Dating Game tomorrow night.

Sure, I can try to do that.
Apparently these folks take their games pretty seriously.  I was followed up with four electronic mail messages, one facebook message and several voice mail telephone messages.
I should mention that two of those were from out of state numbers.
Those two states weren't Indiana or Kentucky.
So tonight I'll be in a four hour rehearsal for The Dating Game.  These folks play it big.
I expect to see at least one marriage and three awkward moments if I'm going to rehearse this game for four hours...


  1. Rehearsal?! We talkin bout REHEARSAL?!

    (my iverson isn't quite up to par with my woody allen)

  2. If I were a popsicle, what would you do with me?