Friday, July 24, 2009

Down goes Frazier

Our blue miniature van went kablooey last night.  I'm not sure of the technical jargon, but it sounded really bad.  I'm starting to wonder if Joe was right when he told me that vans didn't need oil like other vehicles???
There are a couple of people/groups I'd like to blame for this little bit of misfortune:
1.  This guy
2.  Triple A - you don't think they profit from my reliance on them?
    side note:  I waited 45 minutes for the tow truck, and they sent a roadside assistance truck.  He worked on it for a half hour and then called a tow truck.  I then waited another half hour for the tow truck.  That's all...I just wanted you to know.
3.  Politics  It feels like people are rooting against my right wing miniature van and its gas consumption
4.  Dave Coulier
5.  CinciKids - it was their incessant insistence on the children getting out there and serving the city.  How were they supposed to get there CinciKids?  You?!?  We're you going to drive them!?!?
This has been somewhat cathartic.  And I get $2 for using incessant insistence in a post.  Win/Win.
you're welcome...

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