Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Insurance 2.0

I don't think it'd be out of line to provide more and more insurance to those who want it.  I also think we should put together some non-traditional policies that are available for unique and not so unique opportunities.

What about an insurance policy for a guy that pays $500 to rent a hot air balloon and propose to his girlfriend?  He could pay an extra $25 to Geico and if she says no, he's only out his $25 (maybe with a $50 deductible)

You could buy a $1 policy before you spend $10 on the next Indiana Jones movie.  They agree to give you nine of it back if Indiana happens to run into aliens.

I could see spending twenty bucks on a policy that would cover me if I have to sit through 5 or more celebrations of catches that were made after a four yard gain.  Maybe they pay me ocho cinco  if it happens in one half, and $40 if it happens over four quarters.

What if we insuranced against scandals?  I'd pay $100 for a ticket to the big game, but they'd refund the entire amount (assuming I bought they're anti-scandal policy) if we found out that one of the players bet on the game...or shaved points.  Maybe we'd get back what he was paid or won?

I could buy food insurance at restaurants, slow play insurance at golf courses, and long line insurance at amusement parks.  I think there's something to this..

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  1. There was a company that wrote just that kind of policy, except with stocks and bonds.......they were called AIG......