Friday, July 17, 2009

Reunited and I'm feeling good

For much of my life I'd tell friends to have fun at their family reunion.  I've seen reunion t-shirts, hats and water bottles.  I've heard their stories and always sort of wondered why my family was so different.
If family reunions are so common, how come neither side of my family reunites?
Is there something wrong?
Is there a feud that I don't know about?  (it's a war, fight or battle in most cases...but with a family it's always a feud)
Alas, the day has come that our family is reuniting!
So at some park somewhere in Cincinnati, Parker will meet her Pop's cousin Suzy.  Coop will meet cousin Ryan and at some point some sort of mayonaise based salad will be eaten (not by me).
Now if only we could get the Spears family back together...

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