Thursday, July 30, 2009


I saw another professional baseball game last night.  I'd say that baseball is a game that requires some athleticism, I'm just not convinced it's a sport.  Leisure activity?  Sure.  Pastime?  Yup.  But can you really smoke, chew tobacco or wear long pants while playing a sport?
Having said that, I had a great time with the fellas.  Young Jimmy came up with some tickets a long, long time ago...and last night I had the fourth best seats I've ever had at a ballgame.  My worst seats ever were with the Siderits/Lilly party in the last row of the outfield under the scoreboard...but it was the playoffs in 1990....and I still had fun even with the lousy seats.
But yesterday we were about six or seven rows back from the dugout and one section over from Peter Edward Rose.
Apparently Charlie Hustle is a fair weather fan.  He left with his 27 year old escort once the sky started falling.  I was on the fence with the whole Hall of Fame thing...but come on...they didn't even stop the game...
Fun was had by all.  Thanks Sam.


  1. Years ago ,Zak and Tyler Cobb Rose would run up and down the aisle together at the game. My boss' tickets were across the aisle from the Rose's

  2. I always thought he should just be inducted into the Gambling Hall of Fame and leave it alone.