Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I can't imagine what Howie Doit is doing with news of our latest pandemic.

We've moved through stages 1-3 (primarily animal infections) and we are officially in stage 4 (five is the pandemic- widespread human infection)
So I'm stocking up on all the essentials.  If you don't have your list together yet, you can simply print mine.

-Peanut butter.  I'd go with Skippy.  You'll feel young again eating something named Skippy and that will keep your spirits up.  Peter Pan seems a little too Sandy Dunkin in tights and who eats something named Jif?

-Crackers.  You can store these simply and what's better with Skippy? (insert Michael J. Fox joke here)

-bottled water.  Can you imagine that much p.b. & c. without something to wash it down?

-Laptop Computer.  How else are you going to read my pandemic updates?

-Ed - seasons 1 through the tragic cancellation of our finest television program

-A radio controlled car.  Those are just fun.



-one of those lazer pointers (if you have a cat...but why would you have a cat?)

-a slip n' slide

-a portable generator


-a dartboard (this really seems obvious)


-Probably some relaxing music.  Something that is empowering, but won't raise your pulse too much.

Now all you have to do is go to file and hit print.

You're welcome.


  1. where is montreal steak seasoning?its like youve never lived through a national health crisis

  2. I hear that montreal steak seasoning is good on cat. b/c that is the only reas to have a cat in a national crisis, or ever...

  3. I hear that those 'Ed' DVD's make great coasters.

  4. peanut butter and jelly with water. SICK.

    i laugh in the face of swine flu.

  5. I never mentioned jelly Carl. That is one of those sandwiches that just seems wrong to me...

  6. Skippy crunchy wins in my book -- doesn't stick to my palate. I like it with milk. water doesn't quite cut it.