Friday, April 03, 2009

list o' things

Things that need fixing around the Murphy household:

-our lawn - three years running now.  We've ignored it, worked on it, hired professional lawn fixers...and all for naught.

-our computer...I'm pretty sure it's possessed

-my jaw

-the look of this weblog...I have no idea how to have something awesome like Sags in the background.

-our brother and sister in  law gave it to us about five years ago when it was really beat up.  We have three you do the math
-our other furniture/carpet.  We bought a house with white carpet and two white you do the math.
-that little fan/vent thing in our upstairs guest bathroom.  It fell off when we had a new roof put on.  We didn't think it was a big deal...but it's really kind of annoying.
Solutions to our problems:

-I'm going to hire a college kid who is a computer expert to come over and fix our lawn while giving me advice about my tmj and mentioning that he does upholstery on the side.  I'll say, "that's crazy, because we need some work done on these couches." and he'll say, "Let me take a look...ooops, it seems I've stained your about I replace that too?"  I'll say, "well it does match the vent/fan in our upstairs bathroom" to which he'll reply, "Hey, I love installing you mind?"
and then I'll say, "while you're at it, why don't you fix my weblog!"
and he'll say, "you're a jerk, there's no fixing that thing" and walk away
Why did I have to push my luck!?


  1. i can commiserate on the tmj. i feel as though it is an unfixable problem with way too many annoying side effects.

  2. i can almost guarantee that milthaler could fix all of that for you. he'll work for food and/or shoe lifts.