Monday, April 13, 2009


Just to clear up a misperception that I believe is out there.
I am a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, but publicly have stated that I do not support, condone or otherwise endorse the Somali Pirates.
Both have been relatively silent for a long time, but the sea faring Pirates have mounted a bit of a comeback lately.

I have a few pirate related questions?
1.  How can you take on an entire boat?
2.  If I can get on the internet and see who has a car parked at my cousin's house, can't we somehow track a boat out at sea?

3.  Do these guys make use of bandanas or eye patches?
4.  Did you see that triple play?


  1. That triple play was a gimme

  2. What good is a triple play without a win? That's like, "Hey did you see how awesome the second guy of our relay team did? Sure we got beat by the length of the pool, but THAT SECOND GUY! WOW!"

    So, a pirate walk in to a bar with a steering wheel coming out his pants...

    A pirate's favorite restaurant...

    A little boy dressed as a pirate goes trick or treating...

    (I got a million of 'em!)