Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's all about you

I can't figure out where football went wrong in raising little wide receiver.

At first they seemed like pretty good kids. Some came to us in the first round and some went free agent. Soon they were learning routes and figuring out reads.
And then at some point I'm guessing the NFL steps in and starts talking to them about what their touchdown demonstrations should look like.  There's a period where they're encouraged to celebrate even the most mundane of catches.  They're encouraged to run fast, but it's ok to take the occasional play off...and you certainly don't have to worry about blocking.
I wonder if they have a Looking Out For Number One camp for young receivers.
Is there a team in the NFL that doesn't have a punk playing receiver?
I was a little worried when Santonio Holmes came into the league.  He was talking garbage before training camp.  I'm guessing he was just high...
What is it about that position?
(Jones arrested for cocaine, Bryant for drunk driving, Marshall arrest 3 times this year, Henry 5 arrests, Plax arrested for shooting...himself, Moss didn't take a play off from marijuana, Owens questions his quarterback's sexual preference, Stallworth killed a guy with his car while drunk, Harrison shooting up his bar with armor piercing bullets, Smith sends a teammate to the hospital, Rice was on Dancing with the Stars)


  1. Hey now! Emmit Smith was also on Dancing with the Stars...he won, I think...and he's no wide receiver. :)

  2. My dream is to see Ocho Cinco, Terell Owens, and Randy Moss line up together for the Oakland Raiders.

  3. i wanted to go out for wide receiver, but my dad nudged me to O/D line. looks like he did have my best interest in mind

  4. I've heard that some of these guys are such jerks that the NFL has to create new rules just to keep them from being so jerk-like.

  5. Santonio is a punk - Hines plays the game the way coaches love. Football people love him because he never takes a play off and he plays 'til the whistle.

    People just aren't used to a "skills" player also being willing to get dirty.

    He's one of the good ones. Ask your old football coach.