Wednesday, April 08, 2009

lather up

I had a delicious, yet soup-less, meal with some friends last night.  We eventually landed on the timeless debate about how to apply soap to your body during a shower.  It seems like every dinner party ends that way, doesn't it?
I should mention that I received all of my shower training from three primary sources:
1.  Episodes of M*A*S*H
2.  Common Sense
3.  TV commercials starring Mr. John Travolta
I made the mistake of mentioning that I apply the soap directly to my skin.  Dahmer didn't get looks of disgust like this when he first mentioned his eating disorder.  If I take a raw chicken milkshake, pour it over my hands while I'm doing a home colostomy, change Parker's pull up and then pick up a bar of soap to clean my bathing suit parts....I'd better lather that soap in one hand and then use that hand to apply it to the rest of my skin....This is what I was told.
I just figured that soap was the cleansing agent that took away the bad stuff.  You take the soap and apply it to the unclean areas of your personage...right?
I am not an animal.  I am a human being.


  1. Now I'll have the MASH song stuck in my head all day, while analyzing my own soap usage.

  2. You clearly need to start dining with different people. There is nothing wrong with your showering habits, my friend.

  3. Nick A10:30 AM

    While Iv'e never seen an episode of MASH, don't have common sense, and don't use soap, was that a reference to The Elephant Man I just read?

  4. Don't catch the ocd, man. *shivers*

  5. i'm with you, sean. i'll let you touch my skin with straight soap, no chaser any day. the floyds (name changed for their protection) are freaks. don't listen to them.

  6. mejacro1:12 PM

    yeah, you're ok, but try sharing a bar with a hairy husband and 3 teenage boys...I'm thinking of having my own personal bar of soap....

  7. no cheap soap, please. gimme Tone or Lever2000. my skin thanks me for it.

  8. What is the soap thing that you speak of?

    Actually, I also use the straight bar method myself. I hate when I'm at someone else's house and all they have to offer is the liquid stuff and a washcloth. That's when I use their toothbrush to scrub my hard-to-reach places.